Le'K Essential Oil Eucalyptus 29 ml

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Le'K Essential Oil Eucalyptus 29 ml

Bring a variety of benefits into your salon by integrating Eucalyptus Essential Oil into your spa services to create memorable, uplifting manicure and pedicure experiences, or set the mood by putting a few drops in a diffuser.

Features of Eucalyptus Essential Oil:
  • With an invigorating and calming camphor aroma, eucalyptus can help improve cold symptoms, soothe aching muscles, and relieve mental exhaustion
  • Add just a few drops…
  • to our Unscented Massage Oil to create a customized massage oil with aromatherapy benefits.
  • to your pedicure spa along with Dead Sea Mineral Salt for a luxurious foot soak.
  • to lotions, masks, scrubs, etc. along with herbs to create custom Herbal Spa services.
  • to a diffuser to enhance your salon environment with pleasurable scents.
  • Highly concentrated with a strong scent—only use a few drops.

Total Quantity: 1 bottle
Size: 29 ml

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