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Le'K Dip - Blooming Daffodils - 2 oz

Le'K Dip - Blooming Daffodils - 2 oz

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Le'K Dipping Powders are made-in USA.
Le'K Acrylic Dipping Powders are versatile, lightweight, richly colored powders with an ultra-fine consistency that makes them perfect for many applications. Nail enhancements created using Le'K Powders are strong and durable, and its fine particles are highly pigmented for beautifully even, long-lasting color.

Le'K powders have an ultra-fine consistency, making them perfect for many different services. Excellent for:
Dipping technique
Conventional acrylic sculpting with monomer liquid
Sprinkle Gel method
3D nail art

Le'K Acrylic Powders are available in over 200 richly pigmented colors, from bright, vivid colors to soft Pink & White shades. And remember to get the Le'K matching nail and gel polish.
Recommend to use with Le'K Dipping Solutions and EMA Monomer Liquid.

Total Quanity: 1 jar
Size: 2 oz

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