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Le'K Essential Oil Relaxing Sensations with CBD 29 ml

Le'K Essential Oil Relaxing Sensations with CBD 29 ml

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Sit back, relax, and let Relaxing Sensations Essential Oil carry you gently along on a meditative journey that draws on the healing power of Nature to quiet intrusive thoughts and help you feel peaceful and happy. Use just a few drops in a pedicure spa, in unscented massage oil, or in a diffuser to experience the therapeutic benefits of this essential oil. Relaxing Sensations Oil contains 10.75 mg of cannabidiol (CBD), a safe, naturally occurring ingredient in cannabis, derived from hemp. It does not contain THC, so there are no intoxicating or psychoactive effects. Essential oils with CBD are used to alleviate a number of ailments such as anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

Features of Relaxing Sensations Essential Oil with CBD:
Promotes relaxation and happy thoughts
Relieves stress and anxiety
Contains 10.75 mg of pure CBD
Add just a few drops…
to unscented massage oil to create a customized massage oil with aromatherapy benefits.
to your pedicure spa along with Dead Sea Mineral Salt for a luxurious foot soak.
to lotions, masks, scrubs, etc. along with herbs to create custom spa services.
to diffuser to enhance your salon environment with pleasurable scents.

Total Quantity: 1 bottle
Size: 29 ml

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