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Le'K Herbal Spa - Rose Buds & Petal Herb 1 lb

Le'K Herbal Spa - Rose Buds & Petal Herb 1 lb

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Dried herbs have been used in natural remedies for centuries. Our herbs are finely ground, distinctly aromatic, and provide a wide range of therapeutic benefits when added to manicure and pedicure services.
Rose Petal scent: Intense, sweet, and floral.

Rose Petal benefits:
Provides gentle cheering when feeling sad or stressed; historically used as an aphrodisiac.
Creates a sensual ambiance that arouses tender feelings of romance with its sensual and delightful oil.
It Soothes and heals skin conditions, balances hormones, and reduces menstrual cramps, PMS symptoms, and moodiness. Suitable for all skin types.

Herb comes pre-ground in a sealed 1lb bag.

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