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Le'K Super Gel Tip - Long Stiletto Full Cover #6 (500pcs)

Le'K Super Gel Tip - Long Stiletto Full Cover #6 (500pcs)

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Create fast, flawless nail extensions with Le'K Super Gel Tips, beautiful clear tips that are ready to apply and greatly speed up manicures. These glossy gel-like tips are designed to fit securely and resist lifting and breaking for long-lasting wear. And the application is fast and simple with no special training required. No filing or sculpting—just apply tips with Le'K Super Gel Tip Adhesive*, cure, and finish with color.
*(Le'K Super Gel Tip Adhesive not included)

Features of Le'K Super Gel Tip:
Easy DIY nails at home
Professional clear gel extensions ready to apply
Apply with Le'K Super Gel Tip Adhesive* (not included)
LED cure
Fast application—speeds up service times
Clear tips available in many styles
Smooth tips, little or no filing required
The roughed area at the base ensures maximum adhesion to prevent lifting
Curved to the natural nail for secure comfort fit
Consistent look and shape on every nail
High-strength and break-resistant
Can be used with nail lacquer, gel polish, and dipping powder

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